Manna Insect sells insect farming technology to more than 20 countries

Finland-based Manna Insect has reached more than 20 countries in 6 continents in the insect farming technology sales process it started 18 months ago.

Manna Insect sells insect farming technology to more than 20 countriesManna Insect has announced that it has become one of the world’s leading insect farming solution providers and has sold its insect farming technology to well over 20 countries across 6 continents since it started selling about 18 months ago. The company states that especially the Manna MIND climatization technology has been raising interest across the globe since its 2nd generation version was launched in September 2023. “Counting the number of climatization units that have already been sold and shipped or that will be shipped in the next few weeks, in May 2024 we will surpass 50 MIND unit milestone,” Manna Insect officials say.

According to the company, the milestone is significant, in practice it means that Manna Insect’s technology is the centre piece and enabler of professional level insect production in over 50 insect farming facilities around the world. Manna Insect notes that compared to other insect farming technology providers, no other company has helped set up more than a handful of insect farms anywhere in the world.

Manna Insect aims to solve biowaste and animal feed problems with a set of solutions that are specialized in the utilization of black soldier fly (BSF) to upcycle organic waste into cost-efficient and nutritious animal feed and organic fertilizer. Some of the solutions are technical – the climatization technology, ready-made BSF production units, and an insect farming mobile app – whereas some are services, such as the new insect business accelerator program and insect farming trainings, according to the company’s statement.

Manna Insect points out that Manna MIND Gen2 is one of the world’s first technologies that enable converting almost any kind of space, such as a shipping container, glasshouse, storage room or warehouse, into an automatically climate-controlled and -optimized insect farming facility. The company added that the Manna MIND Gen2 also optimizes power consumption, so an insect farming facility can often be run even with solar panels alone, it works on all voltage levels, and enables farming insects profitably anywhere in the world, in any climate or weather conditions.