VIV MEA 2023 anticipates its biggest edition to date

Around 500 exhibitors from 50 different countries are ready to showcase their products and services at VIV MEA 2023 in Abu Dhabi from November 20 to 22. The event includes a rich conference program with more than 80 industry experts.

VIV MEA 2023 anticipates its biggest edition to date
VIV MEA 2021 Entrance Halls

The anticipation is building as VIV MEA 2023, the fourth edition of the International Feed-to-Food trade show for the Middle East and the African region, gears up for its grand return to Abu Dhabi from November 20 to 22, 2023. After two years since its successful last edition, the show joins forces with Horti Agri Next (HAN) MEA, expanding the value chain from Seed to Food and the industry’s response to reconnect in person and nurture valuable business relationships is more than positive.

The animal farming, agricultural, and horticultural sectors in the MENA region are witnessing a transformation at an unprecedented pace. Against this backdrop, VIV and HAN MEA 2023 are expected to emerge as focal events within the Abu Dhabi Agriculture Food and Security Week.

The co-location of VIV MEA and HAN MEA 2023 offers a unique opportunity to explore the entire agribusiness industry’s spectrum. The events emphasize the interconnectedness of animal production, precision farming, rural cultivation, and advanced horticultural techniques. By showcasing how advancements in one sector can catalyze innovations across the entire food production supply chain, the two trade shows hold particular significance in a region striving to enhance food self-sufficiency.

FoodTech Transition Square: An-all-new addition to the event, the FoodTech Transition Square in Hall 6 will host a series of sessions, including the AgritectureXchange panel discussions led by Agritecture CEO, Henry Gordon-Smith, as well as speed dating with roundtables session on the first day, and a special program organized by the Abu Dhabi Agriculture Food and Safety Authority (ADAFSA). HubOrange, the Dutch Poultry Center, Dutch Green House Delta, and many other industry leaders will also contribute with vibrant sessions throughout the three days.

Aquafeed Extrusion & Nutrition Conference: On the 19th of November in the room Capital Suite 13 of ADNEC, a one-day conference organized by Perendale Publishers will focus on the topics of the production and extrusion of aquatic feed along with the nutrition and farming for fish and shrimps. The theme of the conference is ‘Aquafeed development and investment’ and it will provide knowledge, solutions, and research for everyone in the aquaculture industry.

Poultry Marketing Round Table (PMRT): For its 3rd edition, MEAP, WATT Global Media and VIV gather academics, technicians, poultry producers, governors, and end consumers in a Round table to discuss and come up with solutions and clarifications to anticipate to future uncertainties. Although what comes next cannot be fully predicted, based on the present information, it is expected that smart cities, smart marketing, smart farming, and as a result also “smart” problems are on the near future road.