House of Raeford opens Louisiana feed mill

House of Raeford Farms announced the opening of a multi-storey, reinforced concrete, state-of-the-art feed mill capable of producing 12,500 tons of feed per week.

House of Raeford Opens Louisiana Feed MillHouse of Raeford Farms opens its new feed mill in Simsboro, Louisiana, which will double the pellet capacity and whole grain storage capacity from 60,000 bushels to 650,000 bushels, the final feed capacity from 900 tons to 5,524 tons.

New technology in the mill will help production workers make more efficient and constructive use of their time. The new mill is spacious with an abundance of warehouse storage and room to work. Whole grain storage capacity will increase from 60,000 bushels to 650,000 bushels, finish feed capacity will increase from 900 tons to 5,524 tons, and pellet capacity will double. The larger inventory capacity will allow long, sustainable production runs yielding improved efficiency.

The company representative said: “In addition, with an increase in available inventory capacity, there will be a reduction in production days from seven days a week to five. The decrease in production days will afford time for routine preventative maintenance procedures on the mill as well as our feed haul fleet. Other benefits include an increase in feed pellet quality, more consistency in feed delivery, and much more.”