May 12, 2021



    MAY 2021 ISSUE


    • Storage and Packaging Solutions in the Feed Industry


    • ZINC OXIDE: Use Restrictions and Alternative Solutions


    • Global Dairy Industry and Trends

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    With respect to science and scientists…

    Dear readers, I want to start this month's article by talking about a scientist who has made very important contributions to our lives: Clair Cameron Patterson... CC Patterson, who was born in the US state of Iowa on June 2, 1922, is known for his works on chemistry and geology, or more commonly known as geochemistry. C. Patterson, who also took part in the Manhattan Project, where atomic bombs were invented and played a major role in the ending of World War II, is the first scientist to precisely calculate the age of the world. But what I want to focus on today is CC Patterson's fight against lead. When Patterson studies lead to calculate the age of the world, he makes a very important discovery: "Lead used in oil causes massive lead contamination in the world". Following...

    ZnO will not be banned in animal nutrition in 2022 in EU

    After the decision to ban the medicinal use of zinc oxide in piglet diets, feed formulators are seeking feed ingredients and additives which can reduce the risk of digestive disorders in critical phases like the post-weaning period. Specific potentiated form of zinc oxide can be used in premixes...

    A future without zinc oxide

    Traditional methods of controlling post-weaning diarrhoea have been using zinc oxide at high doses (2500-3000mg/kg feed) together with antibiotics. While there are many benefits of using zinc oxide linked to improving gut health, there are more negative effects such as increasing antibiotics resistance, encouraging the selection...

    Plasma and egg powder as sustainable alternatives to ZnO

    Zinc Oxide (ZnO) time is running out. Rational use of antibiotics and growth promoters moves the focus from pharmacology to functional ingredients. Spray dried plasma and egg powder are successfully used as excellent nutritional ingredients, preventing post-weaning diarrhea, improving...

    Replacing zinc in pig production

    There is not one single product that can replace the current use of Zinc Oxide. A ZnO free pig production requires improvements in many fields that include farm management, biosecurity, genetics, the health status of the pig and diet composition. Fiber can become a vital part of ZnO free piglet diets.

    Partnership of leaders returns to feed industry as powerful solutions

    Bühler, one of the first brands to come to mind when it comes to food and feed technologies, joined forces with Premier Tech, a leading company in packaging technologies, in 2019. The partnership of the two leaders bore first fruit in the technology development phase in March: CHRONOS OML-1060.

    Safe and care of grain storage

    Grain began being cultivated in the Neolithic, and the Sumerians became the first society to store it by ca. 4000 B.C. Grain represents the most important nutritional element, both for humans and animals. Its storage is especially important to guarantee food safety, but also for price stability.

    Global Dairy Industry and Trends

    World milk production is expected to increase by 1.6 percent annually between 2020 and 2029 and reach 997 million tons in 2029, according to a report prepared by OECD-FAO. This report reveals that the increase in milk yield is highly related to the diet. In countries where grazing-based livestock breeding is carried out...

    Global Mycotoxin Review: 2020 ANALYSIS AND OUTLOOK FOR 2021

    Trouw Nutrition, Nutreco’s animal nutrition division, shared details of global mycotoxin analyses on feed ingredients and complete feeds in 2020 along with details of how Q4 2020 results might impact animal health and performance in 2021 and the company’s feed safety programme.

    Resilient approach to reduce damages from stress and support performance

    Animals face every day various kind of stress: change of diet or raw material quality, hot temperature, diseases, handling and manipulations… Stress triggers the production of free reactive radicals in cells which oxidize lipids or proteins.

    What you need to know for export feed and feed additives to China

    Planning to export feed and feed additives to China anytime soon? Find out the procedure about GACC (General Administration of Customs for the People's Republic of China) to apply for feed and feed additives in China.