October 20, 2021





    • Use of Organic Acid as Preservative in Feed Production


    • Ways to Improve Feed Efficiency and Animal Performance


    • Global Pig Industry and Trends

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    On performance and sustainability…

    Feed & Additive Magazine is in front of its readers with a full October issue. First of all, on behalf of my teammates, I sincerely thank the representatives of the entire animal nutrition industry for their increased interest and contribution to our magazine. In October issue, together with valuable representatives of the industry, we discussed two important topics: “Use of Organic Acid as Preservative in Feed Production” and “Ways to Improve Feed Efficiency and Animal Performance”. Animal nutrition is one of the most important ways to reach safe food. It would not be an exaggeration to say that a healthy and well-fed animal is the key to providing the consumer with healthy and quality animal food. Organic acids, which is the first topic we cover this month, comes into play at...

    The use of organic acids in managing microbial degradation and preserving feed quality

    Organic acids are a crucial element of any livestock diet, as they not only help to preserve valuable nutrients and protect the diet from microbial degradation, but also ensure optimal animal health, performance and carcass quality. Microbial degradation is a continual process that begins when...

    Intestinal wellness through MCFAs and their derivatives

    Enhancing animal performance while using fewer antibiotics on farm requires a comprehensive strategy, from biosecurity to feed hygiene. Animal gut wellness is crucial for growth, building up resilience to disease and focusing energy on better development. MCFAs and their derivatives play a key role...

    Health and performance – go for the max

    Butyric acid is the essential »magic stuff« for high-performance healthy broilers. PreAcid 75G uniquely combines supplemented butyrate with a sustained release pattern in the small intestine and the GlucoFence complex that stimulates endogenous butyrate production in the large intestine… Establishing and maintaining a healthy gut...

    The rise of natural microbial preservation

    In the context of widespread premiumization and humanization trends of pet food market, natural alternatives for preservation are increasingly common. Natural solutions allow preservation of the nutritional and sensory qualities, while keeping the food intact and safe throughout its shelf-life. The natural pet food trend...

    Is there any safe copper source available for pigs’ growth promotion?

    The supplementation of antibacterial copper source (monovalent copper) with lowered hepatic accumulation is less inducing toxicity risks for animals and in the end will protect performance and genetic potentials. Benefiting from the positive effect of copper while maintaining risk of toxicity very low opens...

    New double-encapsulation technology prevents health challenges in broiler farms

    The double-encapsulation technology, based on a unique formulation of phytogenics, phycogenics and organic acids, offers an opportunity to support gut health of animals and trigger more consistent performance, especially in adverse conditions, thanks to its unique ‘sequenced release’ of ingredients in the intestinal tract. GUT...

    Insect ingredient to drive performance and boost health in shrimp nutrition

    An advanced growth of the shrimp industry increases feed demand, whilst the industry faces feed limitations and a need for performance gains. In this article, we describe how InnovaFeed is exploiting the intrinsic benefits of insects to drive an increase in both growth performance...

    “Increasing feed efficiency is a method to increase farm profitability”

    “For farmers, increasing feed efficiency not only helps to maintain and promote animal health but it is also a method to increase farm profitability. With feed prices running high, increasing feed efficiency means reducing feed intake costs and/or increasing animal yield with the same...

    Strategic late-finishing nutrition for sustainable pig performance

    The genetic progress is constantly pushing for more and heavier pigs. However, by nature, pigs get less efficient as they get bigger. Adopting the right nutritional strategy in late finishing can help the animals cope with stress, minimize waste and keep performance momentum. LATE FINISHING,...

    Improving feed efficiency with Vivactiv®

    Improving feed efficiency without affecting performance through feed supplementation is an effective way to limit the feed cost per liter of milk produced. Vivactiv® has been developed for more than 20 years by the CCPA group in partnership with French and international research institutes....

    The fiber revolution:What’s the deal with fiber?

    Fiber will play an increasingly important role in animal nutrition and a sustainable animal production system. There are many potential synergies to be explored with fiber, such as its use with enzymes and probiotics. The goal is not to completely break fiber down into...

    Black Soldier Fly meal improves survivability, yields and feed conversion ratios in shrimp diets

    According to some shrimp-feed trial results announced by Nutrition Technologies; shrimp fed with diets using the BSF meal, had better results and was more cost effective than traditional diets. Nutrition Technologies announced the results of their recent shrimp-feed trial using Black Soldier Fly Meal (“BSF...

    Safe feed is a guarantee of good results

    Feed needs to be protected against the risks of bacterial contamination which can cause a loss in nutritional value and pose a threat to animal health and the food chain. The rise in the price of the raw materials makes feed a very valuable commodity....

    Debunking the myths behind mycotoxins: A vet’s view

    “Although there has been significant progress in the area of mycotoxin control, it is still pretty much impossible to entirely eliminate mycotoxins from the animal feed supply chain. Fortunately for producers, there are steps that can be taken — from when the crop is...

    Global Pig Industry and Trends

    The global pork industry draws attention as a market driven by China, the EU and the USA. These countries continue to maintain their leadership positions in terms of pig population, pork production/consumption and pig feed production, and lead global growth prospects. The global pork...


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