Article Writing Rules

Dear Authors,

Feed & Additive is a sectoral publication prepared for the animal nutrition and feed industry. They are followed and read by people with different education levels, working in different components of the sector. It is not for academic purposes.

We have certain writing rules and recommendations in order to ensure that our readers can benefit from the articles on Feed & Additive magazine at the highest level.

1. The title of the article should not exceed 55 characters without spaces.

2. An introduction / main idea section should be added to the article, which can be used as an introductory spot, not exceeding 350 characters without spaces.

3. The main text of the article, excluding the introduction and the spotlight, should be minimum of 600 – maximum of 2000 words.

4. The article should contain author information. A photo of the author and a CV which is not exceeding 500 characters without spaces can be sent as an attachment to the article. Feed & Additive prefers to use author photos whenever possible in articles, but the use of the author’s photo and resume is entirely at the author’s own discretion.

5. A maximum of 2 images can be used in an article of 800 words, and a maximum of 5 images in an article of 2000 words (excluding author photo). Images: photographs, graphs, tables, charts, etc.

6. Articles should not contain advertising and they should not contain any product’s brand and model information unless specifically requested by the publisher.

1. Please use language that is as simple and straightforward as possible in your articles.

2. Please make sure your sentences are not too long and complex.

3. Please enrich your article with subheadings so that it can be read more easily and be memorable.