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    JULY 2022 ISSUE


    • The Role of Trace Minerals in Animal Nutrition
    • Heat Stress in Animals and Ways to Struggle


    • Ways to Increase Efficiency in Feed Mills


    • Global Feed Preservatives Market

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    Networking Days and clues for the future

    Dear readers, The animal nutrition industry left the months of May and June behind with a busy event schedule. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the events which were able to be held only virtually for a while started to be held live/in-person again as of the spring months. In this way, industry representatives, who have been meeting with their business...

    How organic zinc can support the pork production of tomorrow, today

    Adaptation of pig production is needed to answer the customer demand for sustainably produced and high-quality products. Supplementation with a highly available zinc source can be a good strategy to reduce losses during chilling of the carcass and oxidation of cooked meat, retaining pork...

    Copper metabolism and growth promotion: Is there a relation?

    A recent study conducted in the United States has shown that nursery piglets fed 250 mg of Cu/kg from CuSO4 present an improved feed efficiency compared to those fed 5 mg of Copper (Cu), but without differences on inhibitory action of bile against Salmonella,...

    Re-evaluating trace mineral strategies to support environmental compliance and improve bottom line

    Many industry nutritionists follow long established norms by simply selecting an inorganic source of trace mineral to fill the void without taking all the variables associated with the selection of a cost effective, highly effective source of trace mineral into account. With increasing demand...

    Heat stress in dairy cows can be mitigated

    Modern breeds of farm animals are highly productive, but they have a high basic metabolic rate making them more sensitive to the extreme heat. For example, milk production of dairy cows was doubled in the last 50 years and this requires more intensive ways...

    Stop heat stress from milking your profits dry

    Rumen fermentation and lactation require high metabolic heat production, making dairy cows particularly sensitive to heat stress whenever the temperature humidity index (THI) exceeds 68. Heat stress can affect cows’ milk production, reproduction and health, and it costs the average U.S. dairy farmer an...

    Nutritional adjustments under heat stress in poultry production

    High ambient temperature is one of the most common stressors in commercial poultry production, resulting in reduced feed intake and body weight gain, and increased mortality. Because of their physiological state and greater metabolic activity, broilers are more susceptible to temperature-associated environmental challenges. STRESSORS IN...

    Ways to increase efficiency in feed mills

    Stating that increasing efficiency in feed mills starts with determining the current situation and comparing it with both short- and long-term goals, Nils Lastein, Application Manager at ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel, says, “ANDRITZ recommends hiring a qualified third-party consultant with a global perspective to...

    Moisture changes and control measures during the pellet processing

    Today, when the price of raw material is soaring and the market competition is very fierce, feed enterprises are required to comprehensively control various factors, according to different situations in the whole process of production, so that the final moisture content of the product...

    Challenges and new trends in poultry industry

    The event with the title of “Challenges in poultry production: Outlook on current and future industry trends and solutions” was held by Biochem in Istanbul in May. We met with Dr. Alexander Grafe, General Manager, and Ugur Kumbet, Regional Sales Director IMEA, and talked...

    ASF: Phytogenic power for safe feed

    Combating the spread of the African Swine Fever Virus is currently a top priority worldwide. The spread of the virus poses a serious challenge to pig production, with the threat of major losses. Biosecurity measures are designed to prevent the virus from entering the...

    Single cell protein: The potential substitute of animal nutrition

    Single cell protein (SCP) shows very attractive features as a nutrient supplement for animals. It basically comprises of protein, carbohydrate, fats, water and elements like phosphorous and potassium and essential amino acids. SCP has various benefits over animal and plant proteins in that its...

    Global Feed Preservatives Market

    Market research companies have varying reports including different date ranges about feed preservatives market. In these reports, although there are similar figures and estimates for the same years, there are also highly different estimates. It is possible to say that the average CAGR expectation is 5.8%, according to the evaluation we made on the...


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