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    Insect meal: An alternative feed resources for poultry

    Insects are natural foods for poultry. Chickens can be found picking worms and larvae from the grass, soil and litter where they walk. The...

    There’s a future for palm oil in the dairy supply chain, but sustainable sourcing matters

    If not palm, then what? Understanding the complex story of sustainable palm and the vital role it plays in supporting global conservation efforts, local...

    Benefits of aquatic animal welfare for sustainability

    Aquatic Life Institute’s latest sustainability report highlights ten priority areas in which aquatic animal welfare serves as a cross-cutting solution to many of the...

    The impact of crude fibre on litter quality and animal performance

    Raw fibre concentrates could be a powerful tool to control the wet litter syndrome. When applying feedstuffs with a high raw fiber concentration to...

    Why does hatchability decrease and how can it be increased?

    Key factors in hatchability from fertile eggs are eggshell and egg quality (structure and cleanliness), egg disinfection, and egg handling and storage, incubation conditions...

    Nutreco’s garden of the future changes the industry for a more sustainable future

    What we’re producing at Nutreco Exploration is always complex, never a single ingredient. Our PhytoComplexes use the whole plant or complete plant extract, fully...

    European pet food industry continues to grow

    We expect the European pet food industry will continue to grow. Growth over the last year has mirrored the growth in the pet population...

    North America Animal Feed Market

    It is seen that the North America has the high share in the world compound feed production with a production of approximately 261...

    Middle East and Africa Animal Feed Market

    It is seen that the Middle East and Africa have the lowest share in the world compound feed production with a production of...

    Asia-Pacific Compound Feed Market

    Asia-Pacific countries have an important potential in terms of the world compound feed sector. 466 million tons (36.8%) of world compound feed production,...

    Farmers’ Protests: A Call for Sustainable Animal Nutrition

    Farmers' voices are echoing loud and clear in the heart of Europe. Recent farmers’ protests across the continent shed light on the challenges facing the agriculture industry and its wider impact on society. At the root of the problems are countries' agricultural policies, environmental regulations and increasing economic challenges. Farmers are calling for the attention of both policymakers and the public, reminding them of the reforms that will shape the future of agriculture and calling for more sustainable and...

    Registration opens for PISC 2024

    March 12-14, 2024
    Texas, USA

    VIV MEA 2023 anticipates its biggest edition to date

    November 20-22, 2023
    Abu Dhabi, BEA

    IFFO to hold Marine Ingredients China Workshop on December 12

    December 12, 2023
    Guangzhou, South China

    Alltech brings ideas and inspiration of its annual ONE Conference to Dubai

    November 27-28, 2023
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Global Soybean Supply and Demand & 2024 Expectations

    Production estimates for soybeans, one of the most important animal feed ingredients, are promising for the industry. According to IGC's report, in the 2023/24...

    Benson Hill introduces five 2024 soybean varieties

    Taking major steps in its objective to re-commoditize soybeans for animal feed and food, Benson Hill has announced gains in its soybean breeding program,...

    Feed Enzymes and Global Market Status

    Enzymes help break down complex molecules in feed into simpler molecules that can be easily absorbed by animals, improving digestion and feed utilisation. In addition, they maintain the overall health...

    Global Corn Supply and Demand & 2024 Expectations

    Corn is one of the most widely grown cereal crops in terms of quantity worldwide. It is also one of the most important feed ingredients used for animal feed. However,...