Adisseo publishes handbook on liquid additive application in feed

Adisseo, one of the world leaders in animal nutrition, has announced the publication of a handbook on the liquid additive application in feed.

Adisseo has announced a newly completed handbook on liquid additives application in feed, available now. According to the company’s statement, liquid additives and supplements, or liquid micro-ingredients, are added at levels of between 0.1 to 5 kg/metric ton, depending on the product. The common stages for inclusion are with raw materials at reception or, in the majority of cases with feed, either in the mixing or post-pelleting phases. In the handbook, the company first provides an overview of additives that can be used in liquid form, when they can be added during the process, and the characteristics to factor in for the right application.

The handbook provides a practical guide to gain insights on good practices for equipment design, implementation, and monitoring and reviews all the key steps in applying a liquid additive. Once this is completed, the quality of the application needs to be controlled. Other aspects such as proper sampling, analysis and calculation methods, and assessment of the relevant parameters are also covered in the handbook.

Adisseo has considerable experience in liquid additives and supplements like enzymes, aromas, and methionine. The company supports its customers and provides information to feed millers on the application of liquid additives, the use of equipment, and best practices. Adisseo has built partnerships with equipment providers specializing in liquid application and it has a team of engineers to design application systems in feed mills and support feed millers with applications. All the knowledge the company has acquired over many years from experience in the field can be found in the handbook. The company stated: “We sincerely hope that it will be a helpful guide and provide valuable information to plant managers, quality managers, maintenance managers, process operators, nutritionists, researchers, and equipment developers who would like to know more about the application of liquid additives.”

The handbook is available in digital form for reading on the Adisseo website.