Volac focuses on net zero with its new feed additives division

Volac, an international dairy business, announced its new feed additives division. The company’s goal is to develop new products to support the industry in line with the net zero targets.

Volac focuses on net zero with its new feed additives divisionUK-based Volac has launched its new feed additives division as it intensifies its focus on supporting the global animal feed industry to meet the net zero challenge.

Sarah Banks, Head of Animal Nutrition Marketing and Sustainability

Head of Animal Nutrition Marketing and Sustainability, Sarah Banks, explained that the company’s goal is to help the international feed industry advance efficiency. “This new Volac division will provide a platform for new product development, which will focus on improving rumen microbial fermentation, efficient livestock production, and reducing emissions – allowing for greater alignment with future industry challenges. Our priority remains firmly focused on providing technical advice, innovative products, and added value services that enable the feed industry to improve livestock farming efficiency and sustainability,” said Banks.

Rebecca O’Sullivan has been appointed Product Manager for Feed Additives, moving to the division from a technical business management role with Volac in Ireland. O’Sullivan will report to Banks, taking on responsibility for the marketing and development of Volac’s growing range of feed additives.

Rebecca O’Sullivan, Product Manager for Feed Additives

“We now provide valuable scientific solutions for mycotoxin risk management, as well as pre and probiotic yeasts, plus some exciting new products coming to the market, including phytogenic. These products will support good animal health, resilience, and productivity in the ruminant and monogastric sectors, ultimately bringing improved profitability and sustainability to the feed industry,” said O’Sullivan.

Technical support for the new feed additives division will be delivered through regional technical business managers. Development of products will be led by the Volac R&D team, utilizing both the Volac Technical Hub and laboratories, as well as global connections with academia.

Technical services and data management for the division will be overseen by Technical Services Manager Rob Furmage, with Dr. Hsueh-Lui Ho appointed as Research Manager. Global technical management will be led by Michael Woodrow, with the new team reporting to Volac International Head of R&D and Technical, Dr. Sophie Parker-Norman.