Vitapro invests $80m in Nicovita plant in Ecuador

Vitapro announced that the company will make an investment of over $80 million in a new Nicovita plant in Ecuador. The new shrimp feed plant will expand the production capacity by around 45%.

Nicovita accompanies the growth of the shrimp sector with the firm decision to make an investment unprecedented in its history, which strengthens its history of commitment and leadership in the industry, and marks the beginning of a new era to now drive the sector to “evolve with confidence”, that confidence that has always characterized the brand.

“We are proud to announce the investment of more than 80 million dollars destined to expand approximately 45% of our production capacity, thus consolidating the Guayaquil plant as one of the largest production centers in the world in relation to balanced feed specialized in shrimp,” Fabricio Vargas, General Manager of Vitapro Ecuador.

“This new investment, which is planned to begin in 2022, is a tangible reflection of Nicovita’s commitment to accompany the exponential growth of the shrimp sector for the coming years, because it will allow it to expand by approximately 45% the land destined for the production and storage of balanced feed, consolidating a new plant with the most advanced digital technology, as well as more efficient production systems and processes with high quality standards aligned with the brand’s seal of trust,” the company said in a statement.

The contribution to the economic and productive development of the country is also tangible in the generation of employment that this new investment will bring. “Once the plant starts operating, we calculate an increase of between 40 and 50% of workers,” explained Fabricio Vargas.

In 2021, Nicovita expanded its production and storage capacity for 35 million dollars, which is about to be consolidated during the first half of 2022. With this new investment, Nicovita and Vitapro further strengthen the aquaculture infrastructure of the country, guaranteeing the food for the shrimp that its clients will produce and export in the coming year. Thus it contributes to Ecuador maintaining the leadership it achieved in 2020 by registering record figures in exports and positioning itself in 2021 as the world’s largest producer of shrimp, above strong Asian competitors such as China, Vietnam, India and Indonesia.

Vitapro is a leading company in the aquaculture sector, focused on the development of nutritional and technological solutions for aquaculture, and is present with its Nicovita brand in Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala.