Trouw Nutrition launches MyNutriOpt for feed analysis

Trouw Nutrition launched MyNutriOpt, new online management platform which simplifies quality feed formulation decisions while helping to reduce costs, lower feed waste and save time. The benefits for animal nutritionists, quality assurance controllers and feed management professionals include heightened quality control, enhanced feed management and improved operational efficiency.

Trouw Nutrition launches MyNutriOpt for feed analysisBuilt on decades of global research and development, the MyNutriOpt online platform integrates with various NutriOpt solutions and services. The platform enables nutritionists and quality assurance controllers to analyse, manage and export relevant raw material and feed data to optimize efficiency and facilitate real-time data-driven decisions via a single solution.

Feed analysis is the backbone of high-quality animal diets. MyNutriOpt is connected to NIR (near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy) and rapid mycotoxin analysis services. When a raw material or finished feed sample is analysed, data is synchronised in real time in the MyNutriOpt portal. Nutritionists and quality controllers log in to the portal to access the latest analyses, shown on the MyNutriOpt dashboard. Here, they can calculate nutritional values based on the robust Trouw Nutrition nutritional database readily available 24/7. A great advantage of MyNutriOpt is that all team members can access relevant feed and ingredient data in a single location, making it collaboration easier.

Remarking on the innovation, Casper Niesink, Director NutriOpt says: “Every decision you make in producing feed and formulating diets has a significant effect on animal performance and profit margins. With MyNutriOpt, we want to pave the way to better precision farming, optimised animal performance and business success. This unique portal is a great example of how the animal feed business is getting more digitised and efficient.”

MyNutriOpt was developed in close collaboration with customers from production regions around the globe and provides feed professionals with insights to supports daily practices and long-term strategies. By consolidating analysis, monitoring and feed management data in one place, MyNutriOpt helps improve feed quality, animal performance and business success.

MyNutriOpt allows animal nutritionists to work with all the relevant feed data in one place instead of collecting and presenting it using different software programs or spreadsheets. This reduces hassle and prevents manual errors. MyNutriOpt enables the animal nutritionist to calculate accurate nutrient profiles through the NutriOpt nutritional profile service, managed and developed based on decades of Trouw Nutrition R&D. Profiles can be downloaded in different formats for reporting purposes or uploaded in the least cost formulation software. Automated synchronisation allows nutritionists to update databases and/or matrices more often, leading to more accurate and better performing animal diets.

MyNutriOpt provides quality assurance / quality control professionals with accurate NIR results of raw materials and complete feed in a user-friendly way. The platform is equipped to easily set standards for the raw material quality and signify when values diverge from quality standards. From a control perspective, MyNutriOpt also collects and stores the nutritional values from different samples. This overview is crucial to support consistent control over the raw materials and finished feed and adjust strategies to meet market and customer needs while managing economics.

The use of MyNutriOpt is also very beneficial for managers of feed mills and integrators. Time savings can be used for other tasks or improving knowledge, further optimizing a team’s efficiency. By having all the relevant feed data in one place, managers have a better overview of the business (production, feed quality and recalls) and more accurate data at their fingertips. This approach helps guide better strategic business decisions, and helps managers quickly respond to market changes, negotiate with suppliers and create high-quality and consistent feed for farmers.