Selko launches natural performance enhancer Fytera Perform

Selko introduced the natural performance enhancer Fytera Perform at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) and unveiled this novel phytogenic solution’s validated mode of action during the IPPE scientific sessions.

Selko launches natural performance enhancer Fytera PerformSelko, the feed additives brand of Trouw Nutrition, launched a novel phytogenic solution, Fytera Perform, and unveiled its validated mode of action during scientific sessions at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE).

Most livestock perform far below their genetic potential. Stocking density, disease pressure, climate conditions, suboptimal diets, and housing can all threaten flock performance. Problems in the production environment can lead to problems inside the bird, such as inflammation, reduced nutrient absorption, and impaired gut barrier function, which divert nutrients away from growth.

As a natural tool to help animals reach their genetic potential, phytogenics support robust physiological processes that drive performance. Based on secondary plant metabolites that have co-evolved with the animal kingdom, phytogenics are known to interact with the intestinal cell receptors that influence physiological responses affecting metabolism, immunity, hormonal secretion, inflammation, and ultimately, animal performance.

According to the company’s statement, Fytera Perform is a micro-encapsulated blend of three natural essential oils derived from clove, cinnamon, and oregano, with a full array of phyto-actives contained in these plants. The phytogenic solution was inspired by an improved understanding of phytogenic ingredients’ modes of action and how combinations of these ingredients work in the bird’s gastrointestinal tract to affect performance. Fytera Perform utilises validated combinations and doses of phytogenic ingredients to influence signal transduction pathways in the broiler gastrointestinal tract, supporting beneficial physiological responses.

During an IPPE TechTalk and International Poultry Scientific Forum presentation, Development and Deployment Manager Melchior de Bruin, DVM, shared findings from a meta-analysis of six studies. The findings demonstrate the efficacy of Fytera Perform in improving broiler body weight and feed conversion rate. Study data reflect the role that specific phytogenic ingredients in Fytera Perform play in reducing chronic, sub-clinical intestinal inflammation, thereby supporting nutrient utilisation and energy partitioning to enhance bird performance.

In its statement, the company summarizes the meta-analysis as follows: Birds in all six studies received Fytera Perform at 25 ppm in standard commercial diets without antibiotics throughout a 42-day cycle. Three studies were conducted under high copper (Cu) levels; one study was conducted under nutritional Cu levels; and two studies used a 2×2 factorial design with Fytera Perform and Cu supplementation levels as the main factors. In the high Cu treatments, IntelliBond Cu was added at 125 ppm to starter and grower diets. Nutritional Cu treatments included Cu at 13 ppm.

To study the effects of Fytera Perform in managing a common production challenge, five studies incorporated reused litter to simulate mildly challenging commercial conditions. In all but one comparison to the control diet, broilers that received Fytera Perform had an improved feed conversion ratio (FCR), with an average of 5.1 points (p<0.01). The final body weight averaged 2433 g and was 44 g higher (p<0.05) for broilers receiving Fytera Perform. No treatment effect (p>0.05) on feed intake was observed. Overall, no statistically significant interaction was observed between Cu supplementation and Fytera Perform, meaning that the effects of Fytera Perform were similar under both nutritional and high levels of Cu.

“In conclusion, this multiple trial analysis shows that the phyto-actives in Fytera Perform can help reduce intestinal inflammation and thereby support nutrient utilisation and energy partitioning to enhance broiler performance,” said Dr. de Bruin. The findings shared at IPPE draw on ongoing scientific research into nutritional innovations that leverage the vast possibilities that the plant kingdom has to offer. The company’s scientists continue to evaluate medicinal plants in context with cultivation strategies and supply chain dynamics to harness the full power of plants and support animals’ natural physiological processes.