Second brain: Guts…

Derya Yıldız

Dear readers,

The gut is called the second brain of the human body. Because gut health has a critical role in performing all vital activities. It significantly affects the immunity level of individuals, their general health status, and even their social lives. The stress, sadness and troubles experienced are reflected in the intestinal system. For this reason, foods that are good for the intestine are recommended when coping with distress and stress. In short, if the intestinal system collapses, the whole system collapses too… Just like the brain.

Of course, this is true for animals as well as humans. Gut health is vitally important for all living things, including our farm animals. The general health and immunity of the animal are significantly affected by guts. In addition, it should not be ignored that there is a strong link between performance and quality in animal production and gut health.

As in humans, the most effective way to maintain gut health in animals is primarily nutrition. Feeding or correct nutrition in livestock is a multifaceted concept which varies according to the type of animal, age and environmental conditions. But one of the main criteria is the digestibility and absorption of nutrients.

In this month’s issue of Feed & Additive Magazine, we tried to cover this vital issue on poultry basis. Poultry is the segment of livestock where intestinal problems are most common and most affected.

In the past, antibiotics were widely used as growth promoters, especially in the poultry sector. This gave manufacturers an advantage in terms of performance. However, due to increasing antibiotic resistance, the use of AGPs is banned or restricted in many regions, especially in Europe. Meanwhile, worldwide demand for poultry products continues to increase rapidly. Therefore, poultry farmers need to focus on more things to produce without AGP, to respond to increasing demand, and to increase the profitability and efficiency of their businesses. Gut health is one of them and coming first.

We hope this issue will make a good contribution to poultry farmers in terms of gut health, AGP-free production, high performance and profitability in poultry.

Enjoy your reading…