RegTech Talks discuss insects at Feeding the Future event

RegTech Talks hosts the grand finale of its Feeding the Future webinar series on June 3. The role and place of insect proteins in sustainable animal feed production will be discussed at the event.

RegTech Talks discuss insects at Feeding the Future eventFeeding a Future webinar series is centered around the growth of insect protein and how this can continue to deliver sustainable feed production in the future. The series was broken down into three areas; firstly Vertical Farming, secondly Sustainable Technologies, and finally Insect Protein. Each one is investigating how innovation helps farmers become more sustainable, producing more with less. RegTech Talks will host the final event in the series on June 3.

The final event will feature key insight from industry leading experts such as;
– Thomas Farrugia – CEO of Beta Bugs Ltd.
– Leo Flohr, Co-Founder of Nertus
– Christian Courbois, Sales Director of Entogourmet
– Bob Holtermans, Founder of Insect Engineers

The guest speakers will be covering engaging talking points. For example, Thomas Farrugia, CEO of Beta Bugs will be discussing how the UK insect protein is developing and what regulatory change will enable. Following on from this Christian Courbois, Sales and Marketing Director of Entogourmet will be talking about the importance of marketing to the acceptance of insects as food.

Founder of RegTech Talks, Georgia Halston stated that, “Issues like these are of paramount importance, not only to the agriculture sector, but to all of mankind. Our human population is rising at an unsustainable rate, and the only way we can build a supportable future is by recognising the importance of innovation.”

According to the UN, farmers will have to produce 70% more food by 2050 to meet the needs of the expected 9-billion population, including 200m more tonnes of beef and other livestock. Therefore, insect protein demand is anticipated to reach 500,000 tonnes by 2030. This innovative area is driving sustainability and is projected to achieve a 15% CAGR between now and 2026.

All the events are entirely free. RegTech Talks hope to act as a catalyst for innovative solution like these by providing an engaging and thought-provoking platform.

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