Nor-Feed to inaugurate new plant in September

French botanicals firm Nor-Feed will inaugurate new production plant in Chemillé on September 7th.

Nor-Feed to inaugurate new plant in SeptemberThe 2,500 square metres new plant in Chemillé, France is fully automated and the various machines and equipment installed will allow Nor-Feed to increase its capacity four-fold. The new plant will also enable the company to operate an innovative extraction process it has developed and patented, to fractionate plant materials and make certain metabolites available without having to use expensive and often chemical-based extraction methods.

The existing manufacturing site, only a few kilometres away, will be closed down. All the equipment will be transferred to the new plant. With the new plant, the company will be able to produce enough additives to supplement around 50 million tonnes of feed per year. The new plant runs on renewable and locally produced electricity power.

Established in France in 2003, the company created its first Asian subsidiary, Nor-Feed Vietnam in 2016. Today, the group gathers more than 30 collaborators and Nor-Feed products are sold in approximately 30 countries in the world.