Mars Pet Nutrition supports circular economy with sustainable packaging

Mars Pet Nutrition continues to drive a circular economy in Europe with progress on sustainable packaging and testing bulk sales of pet food in partnership with Carrefour.Mars Pet Nutrition supports circular economy with sustainable packaging

Mars Pet Nutrition, a division of Mars Petcare, continues to redesign its product packaging in Europe with leading brands SHEBA®, WHISKAS®, PERFECT FIT™ and CATSAN™ saving 480 tons of plastic per year. To further minimize single-use plastic packaging and drive systems change for circular models, the company joins Carrefour’s concept test-and-learn bulk initiative in Montesson hypermarket, France, offering its PERFECT FIT™ dry cat food, CATISFACTIONS™ and WHISKAS® care & treats in bulk. These initiatives are part of Mars’ global ambition to have 100% of its packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable. Providing more sustainable choices to pet parents is a key priority for Mars Petcare, where approximately 45% of pet owners indicate their preference for sustainable packaging, while 60% are looking for ways to reduce their plastic usage.

Throughout 2022, Mars Pet Nutrition Europe has transformed its SHEBA® and PERFECT FIT™ Mini Pouches, replacing plastic flow-wraps with high performing and widely recyclable paper sleeves. Across select markets in Europe, WHISKAS® dry food plastic bags have been replaced with carton boxes and in France, CATSAN™ cat litter brand has removed unnecessary layers of plastic in its secondary packaging. These initiatives contributed to saving a total of 480 tons of plastic per year, equal to the weight of 1.6 million dog food bags. This is in addition to the 170 tons of plastic removed from Mars Pet Nutrition packaging in Europe in 2021.

Partnering with Carrefour in France to test bulk sales, on the other hand, is part of a broader industry collaboration strategy within the scope of France’s National Pact on Plastic Packaging, where stakeholders are jointly working on innovative solutions to drive a circular economy. Accordingly, Mars Pet Nutrition is offering its PERFECT FIT™ dry cat food, CATISFACTIONS™ and WHISKAS® care & treats in bulk at Carrefour’s Montesson hypermarket in France. Consumers are provided with reusable or single-use containers for consecutive pet food re-fills, with easy access to product information via the help of QR codes available on re-fill dispensers. In addition to enabling reduced packaging waste, bulk sales provide additional benefits to shoppers, including the opportunity to purchase the exact quantity needed.

“Packaging waste is a global problem and does not align with Mars’ vision for a world where the planet is healthy. That’s why we continue to take action to support a circular economy, for a world where packaging materials do not become waste, but ultimately are reused, recycled, or composted. Moving forward, we will continue to transform our business in ways that help protect our environment and care for people and pets by engaging with our trade partners and using our influence to drive change at scale,” said Deri Watkins, Regional President at Mars Pet Nutrition Europe.

“Our packaging transformation journey focuses on doing what’s right for the pet parents we serve, the pets we love and the planet we all share. We’re excited to bring innovative and sustainable options to pet parents who are not only looking for high-quality and delicious pet food, but also seeking ways to reduce their impact on the environment. Through the initiatives we’re rolling out across Europe, we’re glad to be part of this equation,” said Helen Warren-Piper, Chief Growth Officer at Mars Pet Nutrition Europe.

“As part of our Sustainable in a Generation Plan, we have set a data-driven, science-based strategy to reimagine and redesign our packaging, in line with circular economy principles. As we work to evolve our product packaging, we’re also driving several progressive waste management partnerships through investments and industry collaboration. We are proud to join forces with Carrefour in France, as bulk purchasing enables the use of less packaging while also supporting consumers in making sustainable choices,” added Graeme Smith, Sustainable Packaging Director for Mars Petcare.