GMP+ Academy introduces new e-learning module

The GMP+ Academy has announced the launch of a new e-learning module on sampling for the feed industry through its central online platform.

GMP+ Academy introduces new e-learning moduleThe GMP+ Academy, which enables everyone in the feed chain to learn and share knowledge about feed safety & sustainability, has launched an e-learning module on sampling. Every feed company needs to sample its ingredients and products to ensure quality and safety. Proper sampling is crucial because contaminants at any stage of production can make the final product unsafe.

Effective sampling guides decision-making throughout production. This ensures the feed is high-quality and safe for both humans and animals. Given the importance of accurate sampling, expertise is essential. According to the GMP+ Academy, this new e-learning course, designed specifically for production companies in the feed industry, will teach the industry representatives the basics of correct sampling techniques. The course, delivered via the GMP+ Academy’s central online platform, is in English and lasts 45 minutes.

What will be taught?
• What sampling is
• Why we take samples
• What sampling equipment is needed
• How to take samples
• And how to label, seal and store samples in the right way

The course offers a convenient way for industry professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills at their own pace.