Banvit BRF to invest $46 million by 2023

Banvit BRF, one of the leading brands in the poultry meat industry, announced that it will invest $ 46 million by 2023. The Company`s investments aim to increase its production capacity for chicken meat and ready-to-cook products.

In its 53rd year within the poultry industry, Banvit BRF is starting its growth-oriented investments in 2021. At the press meeting on May 25, 2021, Tuesday, the company announced a $46 million investment to increase the production capacity of the chicken meat and further processing plants.

Starting in 2021, Banvit BRF will gradually increase the capacities of two production facilities in the Bandırma production campus within the next 2 years with this investment. When it is completed, the production capacity of the Bandırma Chicken Meat Plant will be increased by approximately 12%. The production capacity of the Bandırma Further Processing Plant, where coated, cooked, and deli products are produced, will also be increased by around 40%.

Tolga Gündüz, Banvit BRF CEO

Speaking at the press meeting, Banvit BRF CEO Tolga Gündüz stated that they aimed to reinforce their place in the market with these new investments and said, “We are working with all our strength to take Banvit BRF to higher levels with the knowledge and power of our main company BRF in global markets and production. We are happy to increase our contribution to our country and economy with our new investment. We will continue to add new products to our product portfolio with new investments that we aim to complete in 3 years. We will ensure our growth in the upcoming years, mainly focusing on innovative products.

“By improving our capacities, we aim to increase our total number of employees to 6,000 by providing job opportunities for about 600 more people in different fields from production to logistics and storage.” said Gündüz and added: “We will continue to maintain sustainability in these new investments, along with our contribution to employment. We are putting our efforts in initiatives to increase the current recycling rate of our packaging materials from 98% to 100%. We also aim to reduce our water use in our facilities by 13% by 2025. We hope these new investments will bring benefits to both our country and our company.”

Banvit BRF to invest $46 million by 2023