ADM launches pet wellness product formulas in Europe

ADM has launched its seven turnkey pet wellness solutions in Europe. The company claims that the formulas harness the power of biotics to support pet health from within.

ADM launches pet wellness product formulas in EuropeADM, one of the global leaders in innovative solutions from nature, has announced the European launch of seven turnkey pet product formulas for a market that increasingly prioritizes the holistic health of pets. Offered in soft chews and supplement powder sachet formats, these functional formulas feature highly sought-after wellness claims that are science-backed and compliant with European regulations, providing consumers with trusted options to support their pets’ wellness journey, ADM states.

According to the recent ADM Outside Voice℠ consumer research, 85% of global pet parents agreed that proper nutrition and supplements are as important for their pets as they are for themselves1. This proactive approach to pet care presents enormous opportunity for brands, as the pet health and supplement category in the UK is estimated to grow by a CAGR of 8.6% through 20262. Notably, functional treats for dogs and cats in the UK market each have a forecasted CAGR of over 12% through 2026, and pet supplements are also predicted to show steady growth in the same period2.

“As individuals prioritize healthy lifestyles, there’s a growing trend among pet owners to extend this same care to their beloved companion animals,” said Jorge Martínez, President of Pet Nutrition, ADM. “Our research finds that over half of European pet parents would be willing to pay more for treats with benefits than for treats that don’t have a supplementary ingredient.”

The company points out that active ingredients that are popular among humans can also be effective for their pets, and microbiome solutions are increasingly in demand as more consumers make the connection between gut health and other aspects of well-being. Prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics may support a healthy gastrointestinal environment, as well as the skin and oral microbiomes.

“New product innovation harnesses the power of biotics to support pet health from within. It’s wise for pet brands to formulate with microbial strains that have been clinically studied and AAFCO-approved as safe for dogs and cats. ADM’s microbiome solutions are backed by rigorous scientific evidence, fostering trust in our products with manufacturers, pet owners, veterinarians and specialized retailers,” explained Mark Lotsch, ADM’s President of Global Health & Wellness.

Functional treats are widely used to deliver a guilt-free reward with the added advantage of wellness benefits, and pet supplements provide wellness support without extra calories. Unlike many others in the industry, ADM explains that it produces soft chews using cold extrusion, which maintains the texture, flavor and benefits of active ingredients like probiotics throughout shelf life. Leveraging ADM’s large portfolio of ingredients, formulation expertise, end-to-end support and ongoing clinical research, its new soft chew and supplement solutions follow seven functional formulas to support different areas of pet well-being:

Calming: Supports balanced behaviour with a blend of postbiotics, L-tryptophan, Vitamin B, magnesium and chamomile.
Dental: Supports oral health with a proprietary postbiotic strain as well as inactivated yeast, botanicals, vitamin C and calcium.
Digestion: Supports gut health through botanicals, biotic solutions and inactivated yeast.
Longevity: Supports well-being of aging dogs through pre-, pro- and postbiotics, inactivated yeast, botanicals and vitamin E.
Mobility: Supports joint health with chondroitin, MSM, glucosamine, curcumin, vitamin E and postbiotics.
Skin: Supports healthy skin and coat using pre- and postbiotics, vitamin E, omega-3s and hyaluronic acid.
Wellness: Supports daily well-being using a mix of biotic solutions, botanicals, vitamins, minerals and yeast products.

Many pet parents show a willingness to spend money on preventative care as an investment in their pet’s health. Pet brands can develop innovative solutions that cater to this demand by offering functional soft chews and supplements to support pet health with scientifically backed benefits, ADM added. Retail brands that quickly deliver on evolving pet owner expectations will be able to take advantage of an emerging product category with extensive development potential.

ADM’s range of turnkey solutions for pet wellness are now available in the EU and the UK.

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