Adisseo reveals its program for animal resilience

Adisseo has disclosed the launch of its Secure Performance program to enhance poultry and swine farming resilience.

Adisseo reveals its program for animal resilienceAdisseo, one of the global leaders in animal nutrition and health, has launched Secure Performance program. According to the company’s statement, this innovative initiative addresses the resilience of poultry and swine in fluctuating and challenging contexts.

In modern poultry farming, bacterial infections pose a significant threat to flock health. Adisseo emphasizes that it is commitment to addressing this challenge by developing effective prevention strategies to manage bacterial pressure and improve overall flock health. Similarly, swine farming faces persistent challenges such as temperature fluctuations, high-density environments, and emerging pathogens, which worsens the negative impact of bacteria. Additionally, the restrictions on antibiotic use further complicate pathogen management strategies at farm level.

One approach to securing performance in challenging conditions is enhancing animal resilience. Adisseo reveals that it leverages its scientific and technical expertise to support poultry and swine customers in building resilience to thrive through challenges. By implementing tailored feed supplements strategies that ensure safer feed, and bolster gut health and immunity, the company works to significantly reduce the incidence and severity of bacterial infections in poultry populations.

Julie Duong, Poultry Customer Solution Manager at Adisseo, emphasizes that: “Our Secure Performance program is dedicated to promoting efficient and responsible poultry farming through antibiotic reduction practices. By enhancing poultry resilience against bacterial pressure, Adisseo aims to ensure the health and productivity of poultry populations.”

Similarly, in swine farming, Adisseo’s Secure Performance program focuses on ensuring feed safety and quality, addressing environmental challenges, and optimizing gut health.

“This program demonstrates our commitment to supporting swine farmers, by providing targeted nutrition and health solutions. Adisseo empowers customers to enhance herd resilience, reduce dependency on antibiotics, and ultimately achieve better performance outcomes,” highlights Maïwenn Bourdoulous, Swine Customer Solution Manager at Adisseo.

Leveraging advanced research and extensive technical knowledge, Adisseo offers a wide portfolio of unique solutions tailored to the specific needs of poultry and swine farmers.