A new year and sustainable future -one step further…

Derya Yıldız

A new year means new beginnings and new opportunities. For the animal nutrition industry, this may mean reviewing current practices and adopting more sustainable, ethical and efficient methods. The challenges that the animal nutrition sector has had to overcome in recent years have increased considerably. But the industry is ready to meet these challenges with an extremely strong capacity for adaptation and innovation. So, as we enter the new year, it makes perfect sense for the industry to use these past experiences and challenges as a stepping stone to build a better future. Because transformation is inevitable for the industry. It is obvious that at the center of this transformation there will be more sustainable feeding methods and lower environmental impact for animal health and welfare. Antibiotic reduction is also an important part of the sustainability strategy and this transformation process.

The use of antibiotics, which are used to protect animal health and prevent diseases, as growth promoters or excessive use in treatment and care, causes antibiotic resistance to increase day by day. This is an extremely serious potential threat to human health. Therefore, keeping the use of antibiotics in the livestock sector at the lowest possible level is vital to prevent the spread of this resistance.

Of course, there are ways to reduce the use of antibiotics in the livestock sector. For example, one of the most important is to prevent diseases before they start. Strengthening the immunity of animals and providing them with a healthy environment can prevent the start and spread of diseases and reduce the need for antibiotics. In case of illness, alternative treatments are offered as an important solution. For this purpose, many alternatives such as probiotics, prebiotics, phytogenic feed additives are offered today.

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