A natural approach for aquaculture health from Bionetix

Bionetix® presents a natural approach to boost aquaculture health and productivity with AQUA-FEED™ feed additive.

A natural approach for aquaculture health from BionetixFish and shrimp farming face many challenges for successful production. Diseases, waste buildup, and healthy weight gain are common issues that present an ongoing struggle for the aquaculture industry. Medication and chemical treatments are sometimes necessary but raise health and welfare concerns for workers and ultimately consumers. So, Bionetix® offers a natural way to boost the health and productivity of aquaculture enterprises with AQUA-FEED™.

AQUA-FEED™ is an all-natural feed additive specially formulated for the aquaculture industry to promote increased weight gain of shrimp, fish, and other aquatic species. It is rich in β-glucans, mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS), beneficial probiotics, and other key vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to support overall species’ health. AQUA-FEED™ can be used to

  • Improve hydrolysis and digestion
  • Supply beneficial bacteria to the intestine of fish/shrimp
  • Support intestine health
  • Reduce waste discharge

AQUA-FEED™ also assists in keeping aquaculture ponds clean and improves the quality of aquatic life by promoting healthy aerobic conditions that lead to the reduction of methane, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide, which are harmful to aquaculture and promote diseases. Aquaculture specialists have a greater chance of increasing fish or shrimp survival rate and of seeing a healthy weight gain to encourage maximum productivity as they foster a healthy environment for species to live in and supply them with nutrients and probiotics to boost species’ health.

AQUA-FEED™ has been used in field trials with excellent success. One shrimp farm in Vietnam that used AQUA-FEED™ saw an increased shrimp survival rate (up to 90% survival) and a higher average daily gain resulting in a 20-30% overall yield increase. In Brazil, where excitement has mounted about regional opportunities for expanding already high fish production levels, an AQUA-FEED™ trial was conducted on Pintado fish raised in a 7,000 square meter (1.7 acre) pond.

AQUA-FEED™ was added to fish food. The water was also treated with BCP54™ (for greater clarity) and AEROBOOSTER-O2 (for increased oxygen). The end result was overall fish production weighing in at 15,143 kilos (33,385 lbs), 42% more than the farm’s typical production of 10,600 kilos (23,369 lbs) in a 10,000 square meter (2.5 acre) pond. An added benefit was that weight gain was very consistent among the fish—no medication required.

Real-life trials demonstrate that AQUA-FEED™ is an easy and natural way for aquaculture farmers to promote the health and overall productivity of their species. By simply adding a free-flowing powder—AQUAFEED™—to fish food, farmers can give their fish and shrimp a power-packed boost of nutrients, beneficial bacteria, and other supplements to promote a healthier species.